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Enlightenement at the metro

Bodhisattva, in the Buddhist tradition, is somebody that promotes unity or harmony, and postpones their own enlightenment in order to help other people achieve theirs.

Sometimes, when we hear words like “enlightenment”, we think about a reality very far from us. We feel that it is something that has nothing to do with us or with our life. We feel that the word belongs to a buddhist monastery, out of real life. But nothing could be further from reality.

Enlightenment is just to be able to be our true selves. It is not about achieving, doing, learning or acquiring. It is about stripping, cleaning, reducing, going back to basics, letting our essence shine through. Our essence is what is left of us after we put away our ego, our desires, our cultural heritage, our thoughts, worries, wishes, plans, fears, guilt, limitations, and everything else that is distracting us from enjoying what is in our heart.

Our essence is a spark; it is that part of the creator in all of us. It is easy to see it or feel it in a baby, but as we grow, we usually cover that essence. Very often we even hide it deep down. Enlightenment is just letting that original spark shine, nothing more. The way to achieve it is far from a complicated metaphysical lesson. Laughter, feeling in brotherhood with other humans, even if just for a second, letting go of everything and just be in the moment, that is enlightenment. Just like in the video that I found in youtube. Enjoy it.

By Helena Aramendia. Alowed the partial or total reproduction as long as the source is credited.