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 When I talk to people about the ongoing changes, at an economic, religious, social or even physical level, I find three types of reactions.  The skeptics don’t ask anything else because they are not interested or do not perceive the changes.  The awakened ones that are already on to it, just know it is true, reaffirm their ideas and they may share them, in hopes of helping the planet evolve. The third group, an every day bigger group, are those that are starting to realize that life is not quite how they told us. They are starting to wake up and look beyond the superficial appearances in society and look to the core of what is going on in the world.

This awakening group is the one that dares to wonder what is going to happen next, how are the changes going to be, how do we notice that a quantic jump is now in process, or what is it that we can expect moving forward.

For those that are entertaining these or similar questions I would like to reflect on some facts. I am not going to give you any information that is not public knowledge, however, I can see many people have not connected the dots that allow the big picture to emerge; I will just focus upon  a few of the obvious facts that may have been overlooked, so everyone can draw their own conclusions.

We all know the current story they are telling us about the Euro, Greece, Italy, the crisis and so on. With that excuse, in the last weeks there are two countries in the European Community (including the one considered the cradle of democracy) that now have an appointed