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 When I talk to people about the ongoing changes, at an economic, religious, social or even physical level, I find three types of reactions.  The skeptics don’t ask anything else because they are not interested or do not perceive the changes.  The awakened ones that are already on to it, just know it is true, reaffirm their ideas and they may share them, in hopes of helping the planet evolve. The third group, an every day bigger group, are those that are starting to realize that life is not quite how they told us. They are starting to wake up and look beyond the superficial appearances in society and look to the core of what is going on in the world.

This awakening group is the one that dares to wonder what is going to happen next, how are the changes going to be, how do we notice that a quantic jump is now in process, or what is it that we can expect moving forward.

For those that are entertaining these or similar questions I would like to reflect on some facts. I am not going to give you any information that is not public knowledge, however, I can see many people have not connected the dots that allow the big picture to emerge; I will just focus upon  a few of the obvious facts that may have been overlooked, so everyone can draw their own conclusions.

We all know the current story they are telling us about the Euro, Greece, Italy, the crisis and so on. With that excuse, in the last weeks there are two countries in the European Community (including the one considered the cradle of democracy) that now have an appointed



A part of the world celebrates Osama Bin Laden’s death, I understand their feelings, although I can’t say I totally share them.  For many, directly affected by any of the terrorist attacks attributed to OBL, his death may be a way of closing a painful wound.  The feeling that justice has been done or that the person responsible for those atrocities has ended up like some of his victims may alleviate some tormented souls.  I don’t blame them. 

However, celebrating this death with a patriotic explosion of joy is seems to be no different to when people on other countries celebrated the amount of deaths after the original attacks.  Even if not very human, Bin Laden was a human being, and no matter how justified and convenient his death is, death is not a reason for celebration.
Although  we did what we had to do, we did not solve much. We cut the head of the beast but, I am afraid, another ugly one will grow. We killed a man but we did not end the hatred, the fundamentalism, the nonsense of those that see the world in black and white with the absolute conviction that only one of those two should exist. 
Whilst I do not know how to fix this problem, I feel that feeding the fire of separation and intolerance does not help.  From a metaphysical point of view, and from a broader perspective, there is a universal law of Cause and Effect.  Every cause has an effect of the same nature. In other words, we will harvest what we sow. A peaceful thought will generate states and actions of peace. A hateful thought will be followed by feelings and actions of hatred. 
In the analysis of this situation our rational mind is telling us that we are on the side of the good; that we needed to defend ourselves, that reason is on our side and that they are the bad ones.  However, the reality is that by celebrating a death we are vibrationally at a very low level. We are in the vibrational level of fear, hatred, separation and violence.  We may believe in our mind that there is a big difference between the two sides, but once we are in the killing game we are acting at the same level as the people we oppose, the escalating situation creates further destruction.  That is the reason why in reality nobody wins in a war, because both sides are feeding the same fire of separation and violence.  The difference between sides is not real because they both act at the same vibratory level; it is purely a rationalization. 

For the human race it is time to grow up. It is time to change our objectives, to broaden our horizons, to stop living looking at our bellybuttons and start understanding reality in a global way, from a broader perspective. Everything is a matter of vibrational level.  If we want a better reality we have to start having thoughts of a higher vibration, those that can create higher feelings and more positive actions. 
It is no longer a time to insist upon being right above all, justifying with that all the atrocities we commit. It is not a time for wars. This is the time to stop acting like children fighting over toys, blind in their defense of a pathetic position in the fight.  We need to rise above old limiting concepts.  
Humanity is a unit, a body that we all create, and it has to be treated as such. We are cells in an organism that will be strong and healthy only if there is harmony and balance among all its systems. Whatever happens to a group it affects all of us, whether we understand it or not. When cancerous cells appear in a body, if the rest of the body responds creating healthier cells, there is spontaneous remission. Otherwise, when the body responds with more cancerous cells, there is metastasis.  It is time to understand that we are a single unit and not just a cluster of separate groups.  
I believe it is positive that Osama is dead but there will nothing to celebrate until we are able to understand that all the negativity that he represented was partly our own creation.  Moreover, that the solution does not lie in military power but in the ability of our hearts to raise our vibrational level. The day that this fact is widely understood, assumed and put into practice, will be the day that we finally evolved. Personally, I feel that it is about time.