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 When I talk to people about the ongoing changes, at an economic, religious, social or even physical level, I find three types of reactions.  The skeptics don’t ask anything else because they are not interested or do not perceive the changes.  The awakened ones that are already on to it, just know it is true, reaffirm their ideas and they may share them, in hopes of helping the planet evolve. The third group, an every day bigger group, are those that are starting to realize that life is not quite how they told us. They are starting to wake up and look beyond the superficial appearances in society and look to the core of what is going on in the world.

This awakening group is the one that dares to wonder what is going to happen next, how are the changes going to be, how do we notice that a quantic jump is now in process, or what is it that we can expect moving forward.

For those that are entertaining these or similar questions I would like to reflect on some facts. I am not going to give you any information that is not public knowledge, however, I can see many people have not connected the dots that allow the big picture to emerge; I will just focus upon  a few of the obvious facts that may have been overlooked, so everyone can draw their own conclusions.

We all know the current story they are telling us about the Euro, Greece, Italy, the crisis and so on. With that excuse, in the last weeks there are two countries in the European Community (including the one considered the cradle of democracy) that now have an appointed
person running the government rather than one chosen by the people. 

That point alone should be suffice to set off the alarm bells, and it should be a point of concern even for those that don’t understand that this crisis is not a natural occurrence but an orchestrated one, therefore it is not real even if we can certainly feel its effects.

Additionally, I see even more reasons for concern.  Mario Monti, the head of Italian government, is not a politician but an economist. He is member of the Bildelberg group; International adviser for the American company Goldman Sachs. As such,  it is well known that he was under public scrutiny for disguising the real numbers of the economy of some countries including Greece. He has been a member of the Trilateral Commission since 1998.

Let’s talk now about Lucas Papademos. The new Greek prime minister, he was previously governor of the Bank of Greece and vice president of the Central European Bank,. Furthermore, he is also an adviser for Goldman Sachs. Personally I do not believe in coincidence, but if somebody still has doubts about the nature of these facts, he is also a member of the Trilateral Commision (TC) since 1968.

What is the TC? It is a commission created by private citizens (banks) of Asia (including China and India) Europe and North America, founded by one of the Rockefeller brothers. The objective of this commission is basically to lead globalization.

Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, was also a mayor adviser for Goldman Sachs, the most powerful investment bank in the world. It is the company that is directly behind the crisis in Europe and the United States, and the one that has enjoyed most benefit from it. It is the most active firm in the control of the United States Treasure.

To close the circle, we can also mention that the main chairs at Goldman Sachs are occupied by the Rockefeller family (American bankers of german origen) and the Morgan family,  among others,  all members of the Bilderberg group too. At this point I would invite you to do your own research.

I don’t want to be the voice of paranoia and conspiracy. However, I can’t help but wonder two things. First of all, why are people not concerned with these facts. People seem more conerned with Sales, celebrities, football, TV series, etc.  that seem to seem to have an almost infinite exposure and public attention in social network, public and private conversations. We fill our brains with trash and we don’t bother to see the reality around us that will affect us on  a much more porfound way.  I think this is truly appalling.

Secondly, I wonder, what is going to happen now? Is it anything we can do to change the direction we are heading? What is the next step in this orchestrated play?

I encourage you to share your own answer and in the next post I will give you mine I can give you a clue about my thoughts: it is not possible to solve a problem using the same methods and Ideas that created the problem in the first place.   

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