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What is a healing? (Part I)

Last mothers day, a friend came home. She saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a vase and asked if they were from my husband. They were not; I explained to her that they were from a friend in England that sent them to me as a thank - you for a distance healing. I think the friend that was visiting trusts my judgment, in general, and she has an open mind about healings, more because she thinks I am a lovely and trustworthily person, than because of natural inclination to new ideas in science. Anyway, the sole idea of a distance healing is far beyond what she is ready to believe. When I saw her face, it struck me. It was torn between been very sweet and polite, not wanting to hurt my feelings, and thinking I am completely crazy.

Right there and then was when I totally realize that it is really difficult to understand a new concept, if we are using our same old mindset. In other words, is like trying to find the meaning of a Spanish sentence in a Chinese – English translator. It’s just no possible. In my friends mind, she was comparing a visit to the doctor to whatever is that I possibly do eight thousands miles away from my client. And, honestly, looking at it that way, even I can agree with her. It sounds crazy to say the least. Well, this is good because now, I know where to start. We are in the same page. From here, if you follow me, I will try to take you by the hand to see other possibilities, and to understand a different point of view of human life. It will be like moving to a new city; one that was always there but we never visited before. We don’t need to forget the old one or think about moving; we don’t need to compare them. Just explore it with an open mind, and enjoy the visit.

Quantum city.

The first thing that healers usually say is that we are energy, so let’s see what do we mean by that. Why do we say that we are energy, that everything is energy? Our perception usually tells us that we are matter. In fact, we are quite solid matter. And that is an indisputable truth. Or not?

OK, let’s start by the name. What in earth is a quantum? The easiest definition I found is this:

Quantum The smallest physically realizable unit of something. (1)

Many of us remember our science lessons in school years ago. As far as we know, the smallest possible part of matter was an atom. An atom was made of a nucleus (protons and neutrons particles) and electrons around.

Now, imagine that we get even closer and we make that model bigger. What we will see is a huge amount of empty space. How empty? Visualize this: if the nucleus of the atom was a watermelon, the electron around it will be 20 miles away. But all that empty space is not empty at all. It is full of ENERGY. By the way, this space full of energy is what they call Zero Point Energy. Scientist and inventors since long ago (Nicola Tesla, for example) have been trying to find a way to tap into that energy, or control it, as it will be free and unlimited for everybody. But this is another chapter. Going back to our new model for an atom, we can see that is basically a big empty space full of incredibly huge amounts of energy, with tiny electrons moving around the nucleus.

Our perception if we were looking at a picture of it, will be just an empty space because what is there is just a possibility of an electron been in a specific point at a specific moment.

The way these electrons move is different from any other “object” that we know before. They “disappear” from one point in the orbit and “appear” in another, so they form like a cloud. The reason for it is the speed at which they move. They do it instantly. Imagine a particle moving around yourself so fast, that you cannot see the particle, but if you could see the movement, you will see a little trace around you. That trace will not be solid, as it is made of the probability of the particle being there in a specific moment. That cloud behaves and has properties like a wave (not like a particle). Solid matter, then, can be defined as a particle (solid) and as an immaterial force field or wave (energy).

At this level, the physics laws that explain our world so well, stop working. At subatomic level, we are not talking about solid measurable matter anymore. We need a different set of laws that can explain or predict this reality in a smaller than microscopic realm. And that is what we called quantum theory or quantum mechanics. They don’t substitute traditional or Newtonian laws, they just study our world where Newtonian laws can’t apply.

We could keep looking at interesting proprieties of quantum mechanics, but for now, I just wanted to set up the bases for understanding the first important truth that I want to share:


Our world is not as solid as we always thought it was. Everything, from a sugar crystal to a human being, IS energy. We are subject to Newtonian laws, but ALSO, at some levels, we are subject to quantum mechanics (2), and, until now, we were just not familiar with them.


(1) - http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosted_sites/pe/2000_1/retinal/gloss.htm

(2) – For those of you that want to find more information about it, here is some bibliography:

Biology of beliefs, by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton

Awakening to Zero Point by Greg Bradenn

The dancing Wu Li masters by G. Zucav

What the “bleep” do we know? by William Arntz and others.

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